Integrations Intro

Integrations are a large part of the services we offer. This includes home automation, ELAN, multi-room audio, home theatre and much more. We can complete these integrations within any space in the home, which is customisable depending on your preferences and parameters.

Smart Home Automation

We use ELAN, a smart home automation system that’s personalized to fit your requirements and can be controlled with any smart device. We also specialize in the following for lighting and blinds control:

– Clipsal CBUS

– Clipsal Wiser

– Phillips Dynalite

Our Process

Here’s how we manage the whole process after your free design consultation:

– We provide a quote after the design
– We can work direct with your builder
– We can execute the project to your exacting standards

Help you finalise your design requirements
We’ll sit down with you to finalise the details of your design to ensure you’re happy with the solution, before sending it off to our manufacturers for engineered drawings.
Review and confirm supplier drawings
You’ll receive a copy of engineered drawings to confirm that everything is correct and aligns your specifications, before going into production. This is your opportunity to make any last and final changes.
We’ll contact your builder
Before manufacturing starts, we’ll get in touch with your builder to accommodate their needs and make sure the installation aligns with the home build process.
Arrange installation and oversee the whole project
For new builds, we’ll liaise with either yourself or your builder, arrange an installation time, and manage the whole process from start to finish to ensure a high quality finish.
Conduct a final inspection to make sure you’re happy
We’ll arrange a time that works for you or your builder, to go through a final inspection and make sure you’re happy with the final result.


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Residential Installation
Talk to us about your project

We provide complimentary consultations for customising your electrical requirements. The free consultation with our specialised consultants includes a quote and lighting design, should it be required.


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